Healing Your Heart One Brick at a Time

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you;  I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” Ezekiel 36:26

This site is called Hearts Restored and Renewed because of what scripture says will happen to our hearts as we begin to allow the Lord to work on the issues that built our wall.  What is behind your wall? Is it the shame and guilt from the past; which now covers up all the issues surrounding the trauma, which began to have the wall evolve over time? Are you ready to receive emotional healing and walk in freedom? Are you ready for the stone wall of your past abortion to come crumbling down, finding forgiveness within God’s grace? Finding Forgiveness in Abortion and receiving Emotional Healing from Past Trauma is possible!  As your heart hears these words, can you feel the chains of anguish and anger around your hardened heart unlock? Will you allow yourself to go on a Heart Healing Journey back to your past and confront the wounds of painful memories; in order to walk in peace and forgiveness through the healing touch of your Heavenly Father, claiming the victory?  Are you ready to Heal His Way?

When you hear these words what is the first thing your heart feels? Is it  a feeling of contentment and hope, assurance of emotional healing  with a new beginning? Or do you think about the pain you will have to dig deep into and relive which has been buried deep down for so long? The truth is, both are true!  There is hope and emotional healing for those of us who have an abortion wounded heart. When we begin to open our heart to the Lord and begin to  surrender all that we have tried to hide in secret, taking off the mask we have worn for so long, healing begins! Being vulnerable and exposing our past may not feel very healing in the beginning. Our heart is very fragile, yet anguished on the inside. Yet all the while we keep our guard up as to protect others from finding out what is deeply rooted, covered in shame.  Our calloused shell which has protected our heart all this time needs to receive the love and forgiveness waiting for it.  Healing begins: Brick by brick healing His way as the Lord takes each of us women on an Emotional healing post-abortion journey.

All of us as women can relate to heart trauma in some aspect, we are not immune to it unfortunately.  Our emotions are like a bowl of spaghetti!  The emotions in our heart can be fickle at times, yet those deep rooted feelings which lay hidden in the wounds from our past pain are real!  We need to acknowledge our feelings, not be secretive with them. All the Lord to shed light on your past so He can begin to heal one wound at a time. No more feeling numb!  As we surrender all our pain, in exchange we receive  love, acceptance and forgiveness, and if we are totally honest we will even be  Finding Self-Worth for the very first time. Our past does not define us. God does not want us to construct a wall of denial or depression so we can live a safe life, not confronting the issues that haunt us every day!  The Lord is our fortress of security no matter what we are going through.

We are all on some kind of emotional healing journey, expectant of the freedom we long to feel.  Freedom comes with a price, yet its worth the pain to receive the gain Jesus paid for us to live without the chains of bondage from our past.  Healing begins when we let go and shed the fear of going back to the past, not to stay; yet to move forward in healing and not stay stuck.  Healing is a process and the Lord wants to walk this emotional healing from past trauma with us.  We are not alone. He is ready to walk with us, question is, are we ready to take the first step? It takes courage to make that decision to take the steps needed to receive emotional healing for an abortion wounded heart.  As the Father walks with us on this journey, He will illuminate His light on the powerful brick wall which was built over time. He will take us to a place where life will be restored in a broken heart, bringing a newness of purpose and hope, Healing His Way one brick at a time.

This site offers a place you can begin to walk in freedom from the trauma locked deep into your heart and receive healing from the Lord.  This is a place you can come and share from your heart and read words of healing and comfort from others.  Hearts Restored and Renewed is a ministry offering hope and healing to the woman who has suffered the trauma of an abortion and the issues which surround it.  It is a safe place to begin to see that you are not alone in your secret. Brick By Brick Healing HIs Way A Devotional and Journal for Healing a Woman’s Heart is just that, a Women’s emotional healing post-abortion Journey Book, a Post-Abortion Healing Bible Study/Journey and Healing Journal. Walk this journey with you and the Lord or even with a few friends.  Along with the book is also a Workbook for post abortion healing.  Begin your healing.  The Lord gives a new heart, won’t you let Him in to restore and rebuild yours?