Removing the Mask

April 28, 2015, Upper Room Assembly of God 

While sharing my testimony I used the analogy of my healing as wearing a mask. This mask is the invisible one we put on to keep our secrets safe.  While the show for others is appearing we have it all together, we are actually stifling our voice.  We aren’t allowing the truth to be exposed and we suffer in silence. We want to be  truthful to others ,yet the shame and guilt that has been buried for so long inside our hardened hearts has stunted our healing.. We each have worn an invisible mask at some point in our life. This mask covers up the real self of who we are, living in fear and hoping others will not find out our secrets. When we begin to remove the mask, we risk showing our true selves and allow our transparency to be another’s healing.   When we are transparent and begin to share our secrets, which contain deep hurt and wounds from the past, others begin to see that there is hope in sharing their own secret, and they see there is hope for healing. Once your secret is out and transparency has begun, the courage to walk in the vulnerability begins.

Being vulnerable has a cost. Are you willing to pay the price to receive your freedom waiting for you?  Jesus paid the price for you and I on the cross.  This Great Exchange offers us the freedom our heart longs for, from the emotional healing from past trauma an all the issues surrounding a woman’s abortion wounded heart.    Healing can begin when you are ready to remove the mask and do a Woman’s Healing Post Abortion Journey Book.  Brick By Brick Healing His Way does this very thing. It is a Women’s Healing Journey.  As you allow Holy Spirit to come in and walk this heart healing journey with you, you will begin to find Forgiveness within God’s Grace and find forgiveness in Abortion.  Once you take off the mask and allow your long awaited pain to come seeping out of your wounded heart, Jesus begins to fill your heart with His love and comfort.  Allow the tears to come flowing out.  They will feel different on your cheeks depending on the issue that each tear represents.  Do not hold back the tears. Tears were given to us by God to help us heal. They have a purpose.  They cleanse and heal the heart. In Psalm 56:8 it says,

“You number my wanderings; Put my tears into your bottle; Are they not in your book?”

My question is for you is: Are you ready to remove the old, worn out, tired and stressed mask in exchange for a new, fresh, energetic, and free life? Are you ready to find your voice and walk in victory?  It is time for the brick wall that you have been hiding behind to come tumbling down Brick By Brick! The fear that has stolen from you your freedom in walking in what your Heavenly Father has for you, He is waiting for you to remove the mask as He meets you where you  are on your emotional healing journey, giving you hope and new purpose.  His love will consume you as you learn to trust His ways.

Walk in the vulnerability of knowing the risk you will take for your own heart saves the heart of someone else when they find out, “they aren’t the only one”.