Yadeline’s Story: Healing After Abortion

Your past never predicts your future.  Glory to God.  My name is Yadeline Franck, and I had an abortion when I was 18.  I grew up in the church and when I found out I was pregnant with the guy I loved, who said he loved me.  I thought for sure we could make this work, yet that love would not guarantee that it would not be difficult.  Having grown up in the church and my parents being in leadership, I had an image to live up to and a reputation to uphold.  I couldn’t bear to deal with the fear of what my family would say and the embarrassment and disgrace it would bring to my parents.  My boyfriend wasn’t mature and responsible which forced me to go somewhere so my secret would be safe.  I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law out of state.  In talking to them, they were supportive of whatever decision I made.  Out of fear and selfishness, I chose abortion.  Little did I know how that decision would affect me in years to come.

The Lord brought a very special man in my life who loved me for me, despite my past and all that I experienced.  We got married in 2002.  Throughout my marriage, I have dealt with depression, been suicidal, and tried to figure out where all these mixed emotions were coming from.  We have two beautiful daughters and on Saturday mornings they would see their mommy sleep the morning away not spending time with them.  Well, that all changed July of 2014.  The Lord delivered me from Depression during a revival on a Saturday night at my church and I have been healed ever since!  The next morning, my daughters had a mom who got up before them and made the family breakfast.  My husband had a new wife full of love and joy.  I was full of energy!  The days of sleeping Saturdays away were gone! Praise God, those emotions are no longer a part of my life and will never be in my future.

Keven Covert started a Post Abortion Healing class called Surrendering the Secret”, by Pat Layton at the church I attend and I went through the class in summer of 2014.  I went through the class for eight weeks and that was a life change for me.  Keven also wrote Brick By Brick Healing His Way a Devotional and Journal for Healing a Woman’s Heart and published it in 2015.  After going through the study and then reading the devotional, I went even further in my healing.  While reading Keven’s book Jesus healed layers and layers of my past.  I am now leading the “Surrendering the Secret” ministry at my church helping other ladies heal from their past abortions.  I now facilitate Brick By Brick, using Brick By Brick Workbook  at my church.  This is all for God’s glory and His grace.  I want to thank Mrs. Keven Covert for hearing and obeying God’s calling to reach others desperate for a future.  Romans 8:28