Your Story is Healing

 “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…”  Revelation 12:11a

 Sharing your testimony is a three-fold story.  It is your heart being laid wide open and truth flowing out of the center of the root, the core coming out into the light, being set free for the first time.  As your voice is found and begins to be used for God’s glory for the Emotional Healing post abortion journey book He has you read,  and Bible Study you begin to find emotional healing from past trauma from as you  surrendered all to your Heavenly Father,  others will bein their healing too.  Your story brings hope and Healing to others, so they too can begin finding self-worth Healing His Way,

 A close friend told me recently, our story is three-fold. As we talked the Lord revealed important truths.  It is Jesus’ blood that He already shed for us and thru His blood we have the victory, we just have to take the risk and share our secret, be transparent with our brother and sister, and learn how to walk in vulnerability.  Being honest is what it is all about.  When we share from our heart, it is freeing. We no longer are keeping our secret shoved deep inside, giving the enemy room to keep us bound. When we confess to one another our true selves and share our heart from deep inside where our hurt lies, our heart becomes lighter and we begin to walk in the freedom the Lord has for us.  It is Jesus’ blood that gives us our victory.   We just need to do what is necessary to claim it. 

 The Word is, the Word of God and what is says about what Jesus came to do and the freedom He came to give us.  It is about the forgiveness He gives us, the love He has for us and the purpose He has for our pain. We are not alone in this journey.  Jesus walks this journey with us, guiding our steps and is waiting to set us free.  Our pain that we experienced is not in vain, it will be used for God’s glory.  Though it is hard to see at the time while going through it, or thinking back to our past and having to relive it, so Jesus can begin to heal those places of hurt in our heart; know that our experiences will be used to help others heal and be shown how they too can walk their Emotional Healing post abortion journey and receive healing for their aborted wounded heart.

 Their testimony means our story, our walk of healing, our Emotional healing journey to freedom, our claiming the victory that is waiting for us, is possible.  For with God all things are possible. It is us shedding hope to others that they too can begin to feel lighter in their heart, walk back to a painful past to walk forward to a fulfilled future; being  used by our Heavenly Father to bring healing and hope to the helpless, to set the captives free that the enemy of their soul has kept bound.  Our stories are all different, yet each one is significant in itself.  Though we lived through it, survived the suffering, and have a emotional wounded heart, full of Past Trauma. God comes along and prepares our plans for a new beginning, a fresh start, a new life walking with Him in His presence.  Though we may not be able to see the full plan Jesus has prepared for us, trust that He is walking the journey with us.  The Lord will be there to help keep us on the new path He has set before us.

  Walking in freedom with no chains from the past encompassing our heart is for everyone. Jesus came to set the captives free, He came to heal the broken-hearted.  Allow Him to dig deep into your calloused heart,  reaching to the core and pull the root out which caused all the pain.  This wont be easy, but pushing through the pain is needed to go claim your victory waiting for you.  Going to the depths of your heart where the pain of your past is kept guarded, is terrifying at moments. Yet, as each hidden issue is pulled out into the light is dealt with, more healing is taking place. Totally surrender  and give Him your heart and feel the compassion He cares for you with and the freeing hopeful heart He longs to give you. Share from your heart and reach for the victory.  The Lord is waiting on you, are you ready to open up and share? Open up” Brick By Brick Healing His Way”, which is a Woman’s  Healing Post Abortion Journey Book to help heal the abortion wounded heart, and a variety of issues we as women who need emotional healing from past trauma need to work on. It is a Healing Devotional and Healing Book. I can be used as a post abortion Bible Study also along with the Workbook for Post abortion healing.  God’s waiting, are you willing?