Lay it All Down: A Spiritual Healing

Where do you find yourself in life at this moment in time?  Is anything left over from the year past which needs to be removed? What from your past is hindering you from moving forward?  What issues are you needing to deal with instead of ignoring? These are questions I ignored and buried for 29 years before I surrendered to the Lord and went through a Women’s Healing Post Abortion Journey Book and Post abortion Bible Study.  What I began to learn was the emotional energy I wasted all those years in worrying that someone would fid out my secret was only hurting my heart, not those who had hurt me.  I needed to open up my hopeless hurting heart and do some  house cleaning, or in this case, cleaning out the clutter from the old to allow the new to infiltrate my heart which had been waiting to be released. The Lord was waiting on my decision to lay it all down and surrender the chambers of my pain.  He wanted to walk a heart emotional healing with me, yet I needed to be ready.  

 The question I have for you, are you ready  to do what it takes to receive hope and healing, to find emotional healing from past trauma and begin finding self-worth: It’s a new beginning, a new chapter in your life and possibly your hurting, yet expectant heart!  You cannot do this by yourself.  You need a helper, a guide, someone who knows what is in your past to show you the way to unlock the hurt and letting it all out, to set your emotions free; to fly information according to where you are headed.

Allow the Lord’s light to shine on your heart, to penetrate deep inside the empty place and fill them with His everlasting love.  Don’t shy away from what is yet to come.  He has your life in the palm of His hands. He has a plan for you and He will be your guiding light as you walk out of the darkness your heart has been in.  The Lord Jesus breaks all bondage with His love and sets all captives free with His saving grace; something’s which takes place in your heart and begins to give your spirit life and a new hope.

The Father fills you with His strength providing you with joy everlasting, which only through your openness to whatever the Heavenly Father has for you will bring to you this joy.  His love encompasses you and washes away all you long to hide. His forgiveness is for the taking.  He is waiting for you to Lay It All Down at His feet and to receive His loving forgiveness in replace. Finding forgiveness within God’s grace is the blessing He has waiting for you on the other side of healing!, He gives it to you freely to carry you on until the end.  Open your heart to a new life full of hope and healing. Only through Jesus is this possible. Brick By Brick Healing His Way,  which is a resource for a Woman’s Emotional Healing Post Abortion Journey Book, along with a Workbook for post abortion healing Bible Study if you would like to go deeper into your healing.  This is a way to lay it all down at the feet of  Jesus and find freedom from your past emotional trauma; finding hope and healing.