Healing Brick By Brick

Brick By Brick Healing His Way A Devotional and Journal for Healing a Woman’s Heart

~ a book by Keven C. Covert ~

Written to set the post-abortive heart free and confront the trauma associated. Women will begin their healing journey while learning to walk in victory.

This healing Devotional/Journal is a perfect complement to a post-abortion recovery Bible Study.  It deals with issues relating to Post Abortion Stress symptoms and offers hope and healing after abortion.  This is a personal journey to help one heal from their past experience, directly or indirectly relating to abortion. It also is designed for the person who has been affected by the experience of abortion through a family member or close friend.  The book gives the reader insight to how one who has experienced an abortion may feel. Many are filled with guilt after abortion; this book offers hope and healing after abortion and brings closure to the soul.

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. ” — Ezekiel 36:26

Are you ready for the stone wall of your past abortion to come crumbling down at your feet? Can you feel the chains of anguish around your calloused heart unlock? Allow yourself to journey back to the past and confront the wounds of painful memories; in order to walk in peace and forgiveness through the healing touch of your Heavenly Father. In Brick by Brick, you will:

*Experience the comfort of the heavenly Father as He sheds light on your past

*Heal one wound at a time

*Surrender all your pain in exchange for love and acceptance

*Receive a restored and renewed heart

*Walk in the Fortress of Security God has prepared for you

*Claim the victory waiting for you.

As the Father walks with you on this journey, He will illuminate His light on the powerful brick wall you have built over time. He will take you to a place where your life will be restored brick by brick, healing His way.

To begin your journey of healing, please click the link below to be taken to the website of healing resources.  Both


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