A Waiting Heart

“Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm

“Wait for the Lord”! We hear these four words more often than we care to admit.  Why do I have to wait, didn’t the Lord give me a promise?  “I should be healed by now, I’ve been on this  Women’s Emotional Healing Post Abortion Journey Bible Study for over twelve weeks now.  I should be healed by now!  Why haven’t you healed me yet Lord?  Don’t you care about me and love me? Why all the waiting, I do not understand! ”

Do these words sound familiar? Sounds like a mini temper tantrum to me! Yet, you chuckle, because each of us can relate to those words. We have all had to wait for something in life, delay gratification is essential for growth and healing.  Living in the mix of this perplexed, demanding and selfish society, waiting is not received very well, yet so important.  When it comes to finding hope and healing in the midst of emotional healing from past trauma, there is hope in the atmosphere of waiting. Waiting is when we learn to draw closer to the Lord and it is when He beckons us to seek Him and hear His voice. Spend time with Him and yield to the Holy Spirit. Waiting is for us, part of God’s plan for our personal growth in all areas if life. Waiting gets us wondering.  God has a major purpose in our waiting season. This is a season where we  are to lean in and depend on the Lord while He prepares our hurting heart for the healing that will begin to transpire inside. The Lord loves us so much He designed a path specifically for us to follow. The decision to follow is all on us. There is freedom when the past hurt is surrendered to the Lord.  He teaches us how to live life with a  heart no longer filled with heaviness, hurt, anger, guilt and shame. All the while waiting we wonder if He loves us and if He’s forgotten about us. We feel the anxiety and see the untraveled road ahead of us to walk and we reluctantly move forward. Moving ahead and allowing the circumstances to teach and prepare us  for what is to come. This is when growth happens in the waiting period.  When we wait on the Lord and follow the steps He wants us to take on the unleveled and uncomfortable emotional healing from past trauma or post abortion healing, we will find that on the other side the road becomes smooth.  Waiting for God’s perfect timing, is to teach us a lesson, prepare our heart in finding self-worth, as He helps us to be transformed and perfects in us who He created us to be. 

  An orchid needs time to bloom and  is  very fragile and delicate.  As the flower grows, its roots search for food and water, needing a lot of bright and indirect light.  While waiting,  we need to allow God to bloom in our hearts . Spending time with Him so we can receive the spiritual nourishment needed to grow into His likeness. He’s equipping us deeper as more time is spent with Him.

Waiting, not a pleasant journey, for some discouraging. Yet, your “heart-a-tude” determines the journey! So, in that season of waiting, be productive and be open to what the Lord wants to do to prepare you.  Remember, delays are not denials. The Lord loves you and has not forgotten you. Delays are simply lessons we need to learn while waiting for the transformation to happen in our heart to produce emotional healing from past trauma while healing HIs way!

A Growing Heart

A Growing Heart

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns.” Isaiah 52:7
Recently my husband dropped me off in the Great Smoky Mountains to attend a  post-abortion healing retreat, Go Deeper Still. He then went to stay in a campground and have his own retreat with the Lord. The mountains are God’s country, so peaceful, and yet very unpredictable in the path you follow at times. You have to be an experienced backpacker to know what to do when the path takes a different turn than you expected. Serving the Lord is the same way. We need to be willing to leave our comfort zone and totally depend on the Lord and where He is guiding us. This can be scary at times, and to be honest, it has for me lately.
I was recently reminded the Lord gives us the grace to go to the next level He is calling us to. Let go of where you came from and move on ahead. This is how we grow. The easy way of life is an escape of what the Lord has for you, the hardship He allows you to go through, helps your growth and getting to the next level and blessings He has for you. Be adventurous and see where the Lord takes you.

A Servant’s Humble Heart

A Servant’s Humble Heart

“Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet”. John 13:14
Have you ever allowed someone to wash your feet clean and to perfection? If you are a woman reading this you have when you’ve gone for a pedicure! Sometimes your feet need extra attention because you have neglected them. You can’t believe you let it go this long. Yet when it’s all over, you walk away feeling lighter, refreshed and brand new.
Compare washing feet with what your Savior does for you. All of us come to Jesus broken with wounded hearts, trying to act like everything is okay. Yet our hearts are hurting and need Jesus’ cleansing blood to wash over us and begin to heal us. Many times He puts others in our path to begin to help us heal. We are Jesus’ hands and feet, His mouthpiece to serve others and meet them where they are. Are you willing to humble yourself and go where few want to go; to be a light in someone’s heart as The Great Healer uses you to serve and help others? Going to the messy, painful places with someone and walking this journey with them is not an easy task. Yet, the Lord will guide your steps and keep you humble along the way. In the end, the transformation of one’s heart is worth all you endured along the path.

A Reminiscent Heart

A Reminiscent Heart
“Be careful not to forget the Lord, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” Deuteronomy 6:12
Look back over your healing journey with the Lord, is it what you expected it to be? Maybe your heart healing journey just began and the road ahead is one of overwhelming uncertainty and apprehension. Or, maybe your journey has been heart wrenching and distressed.  As you travel down the healing path of a wounded heart no turn is smooth, many challenges are ahead. It’s a winding road full of vulnerability and surprises, both with the  exhilarating steep hills of reaching to the root of an issue, only to find around the corner a deep dive into the valley. In each turn are mixed emotions, even times where we want to put on the brakes and say, “I’m Done! No more feeling, I’d rather stay numb!”   Did you feel the  Father’s secure arms holding you when you felt like giving up, hearing Holy Spirit’s still small voice of encouragement not to give up? Were you able to see His hand upon your circumstances creating a way when there seemed no other way? 
The Lord has a purpose for all He allows in our life. We may not understand why, because His ways are not our ways. Healing His Way is not something we would choose for ourselves.  His ways confound those of us who think we are wise. He knows what we need to go through to find hope and emotional healing from past trauma.  Many of us who are on a Women’s emotional healing post abortion journey have made many turns to get to where we are in our healing.  Not one turn has been easy is the natural.  Jesus is the only reason we have gotten as far as we have. He is walking every step of this heart healing journey we are on.  Remember who brought you out of “your Egypt” and the life of bondage. The bondage of lies we believed we were because of the circumstances we found ourselves in. He saw our struggles and felt our pain; He sees our successes and feels our peace. He knows the road we are traveling and knows what is coming ahead before we ever see it. He is all knowing.
 Don’t look back and regret. We need back to see how far we have traveled, What did the Lord do to help us grow stronger in Him and become totally dependent on Him? Look forward to what is ahead. We may not know what is around the corner, yet our Lord does.  He’s with us as we totally surrender and trust Him to walk with us once again, on a new journey of growth.