You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Tour bottle; Are they not in your book?” Psalm 56:8

What is inside the chambers of your heart weighing it down? How heavy are you going to allow your �� to get before you hand it over to the Lord? Our struggle seems hopeless, yet the Lord is the one who gives us grace to get through the struggle. He is waiting for you to open your�� and give Him the pain of your past, so He can help you walk a safe journey of healing & hope with Him, finding self worth once again. As you begin to search deep down inside of your heart, to the place which past pain resides, you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. He is a Gentleman and will not force your decision to surrender. He wants your whole �� so He can create in you a healed❤. The choice is yours. Your Heavenly Father wants to reconnect with you.

Going to the Lord and unloading your burdens, thoughts, and desires is not only refreshing-its Freedom! You no longer choose to hold onto the heaviness, as you surrender it to your Heavenly Father. He wants to take each tear you cry and in exchange He will give you forgiveness, peace, comfort, joy, love, compassion, a restful sleep, and so much more.. He wants you to shed all your tears and gives them to Him. The Lord knows what each tear consists of. Give Him your tears so He can give you comfort as you walk the hard steps of your healing. Each tear you give to Him He collects and saves, this shows you ho much He cares. He will return these tears back to you one day as blessings; turning your aching heart into healing joy! Give Him your tears. Tears wash over and cleanse the pain giving your heart a fresh start and heal the hurt from deep within.

He is there to give you a peace in your spirit, healing in your heart, as the Holy Spirit refreshes your soul. The Lord begins to guide you through emotional healing from past trauma. God is in control & begins to fill your �� with Hope as you pour it out to Him.. As you rely on your Heavenly Father to go hand in hand with you on your eager and yet cautious healing journey. He makes all brand new. Take the first step by surrendering it All, and His loving hand gives you the Grace needed to travel along the path He puts before you. His hand is open, will you take the first step?��

The following is an excerpt from Brick By Brick Healing His Way A Devotional and Journal for Healing a Woman’s Heart. The devotion is titled, “Tears in a Bottle”. This book is a Women’s Healing Post Abortion Journey Book which allows emotional healing from past trauma, where finding forgiveness in abortion is all about finding forgiveness within God’s Grace.

Prayer: Father, put Your loving arms around me and help me dig deep inside to reconnect with you. i want to give you my pain in exchange for comfort and a journey of healing. Knowing You collect and save each of my tears shows me just how much You care. I know with confidence You will return them back to me one day. Turn my aching heart into healing joy.

Thought: “What will my tears, which Jesus will be putting into His bottle for me consist of?”